Someone has to be bad: Top 20 Super Baddies


 With the release of All Superheroes Must Die on Jan 29th, we decided to list our favorite super baddies! That’s right, look below for a list of the top 20 villains to ever rise up against a superhero!

#20. Hulk Poodle: Hulk

Just, really. What were they thinking? So bad. I had to have her on my list. The very idea of this is just so bad that I have fallen slightly in love with just how stupid it is. I mean it even has a poodle hair cut for God’s sake. They could have at least made it all shaggy or something. But no. We are left with what may be the non-scariest, fru-fruiest, baddie there is. It’s horrible! I love it!


#19. The Green Goblin: Spider-Man

A wonderfully theatrical loss of sanity, The Green Goblin is the poster boy for why desperation is no excuse for testing crazy juice on yourself. Plus he has lots of fun toys.


#18. The Abomination (a.k.a.Emil Blonsky): The Incredible Hulk

This guy confuses duty to country for power hungry juicing. I get the feeling that the argument here was more about athletes verses nerds…I mean solders verses scientists than anything else. At least green and nerdy Bruce Banner still has a dong (hence the need for pants) you juiced up freak. Sorry. I love hating this guy.


#17. The Iron Monger (a.k.a. Obadiah Stane): Iron Man

This baddie conducts his villainy the same way he runs a billion dollar corporation; with stolen tech, back door deals, brute force, and hostile takeovers. A business man to the very core.


#16. Casanova Frankenstein: Mystery Men

An underrated villain if I ever saw one. He not only has a great name, but this smart ass has no problem making heroes look like fools. Well done good sir.


#15. Dorian Tyrell: The Mask

A pony-tail wearing, power hungry, mask thieving, punk. Learn to have some fun. And maybe a facial?


#14. The Shredder: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990)

Oh Shredder. You have tortured our half shelled heroes for so long. Interrupting their pizza breaks with your maniacal plots. How very dare you?!


#13. Scarecrow: Batman Begins

A great villain understands the power fear can have. A truly wonderful villain uses fear itself as a weapon. What can I say? I love smart villains. Scarecrow is not a large man so brute force is out of the question. He uses brains rather than brawn and hits our heroes where it hurts. POW! Right in the sanity.


#12. Elijah Price (a.k.a. Mr. Glass): Unbreakable

Price is the baddie with balls of steal. At least those aren’t breakable. He is a mentally and physically tortured man. Only his torture comes from circumstance rather than the people around him. Price has accepted the fact that he is a bad guy and in true bad guy fashion, he will not stop until he gets what he wants. No matter how many people die in the process. I love Price because with him, the veil that shrouds the villain’s twisted thought process is finally lifted.


#11. Red Mist: Kick Ass

I took great joy in hating this punk. He is so hateable all I would have to do is list his character flaws for you to get the idea. Cowardly, short tempered, privileged, attention seeking, and a little clever. I love him because after all of the bad stuff he does you still feel for him. He’s like a small child throwing a temper tantrum. You just want to roll your eyes and pat him on the head and say, ” You done?”


#10. Ra’s Al Ghul: Batman Begins

Ra’s has a special place in my heart. He is intelligent and calculating. A formidable foe to say the least. You gotta love a baddie who thinks on his feet and never freakin’ dies. He fights the same war on criminals as Batman, but he has one fatal flaw. This guy has no problem killing anyone that gets caught in the crossfire. Oh Ra’s, don’t you know? Batman dosen’t kill. Only severely maims.


#9. Deacon Frost: Blade

Frost, not only a beautifully named vampire, but a truly lovable villain. He’s a smart ass with a plan. It’s absolutely a joy to watch this cocky blood sucker take everyone around him down a few notches. He is a maniacal little bastard and we all love him for it.


#8. Bane: The Dark Knight Rises

Bane is not only brawn but brains as well. A dangerous combination, and the makings of a positively wonderful villain. He runs outside of the social norms of hired goons, challenging employers authority. “…this gives you power over me?” (You read it in his voice didn’t you. Sorry, I had to) If hired, Bane would have no problem ripping off an employers head. Because he knows he’s the biggest and baddest they’ve got. And really, what else is he gonna do with all those lovely muscles?


#7. Mystique: X-men

The true master of disguise, Mystique is what all men want. Because she is anyone. Sorry guys, she has eyes for only one. Unpredictable, ruthless, and sexy, confidence leaks from her very pores. She fights for a cause she thinks is bigger than herself. She is mutant and proud.


#6. Lucifer: Constantine

Yeah. He’s freaking Satan. Deal with it. While only portrayed as a miner villain, I still felt it necessary to give the guy at least number six for his truly perfect portrait of what I would imagine the king of hell to be. A smooth talking dude that reeks of confidence, sass, and sex. Mmmm, Tasty…. I mean, a truly delicious character.


#5. Elle Driver: Kill Bill (Part 1 & 2)

She’s just the bitch you LOVE to hate. Highly skilled, Highly trained, and Highly kick ass, she is the woman who will never be quite good enough. She is stuck in the shadow of a “hotter,” more kick ass, two eyed blonde and she’s not about to take it lying down. She’s a baddie with a chip on her shoulder because she’ll never be the better student, better lover, or better assassin. Geez that sucks girl. I can see why that would make you wanna cut a bitch.


#4. Loki: Thor

Come on man, without Loki there would be no baddies to speak of. He is the god of mischief himself. A lovable little nugget of quick talking sass all wrapped up in a misguided, misunderstood, stuck in his big brother’s shadow, mammoth horned exterior.


#3. Lex Luthor: Superman Returns

And third place goes to… Yeah I have to give it up for Lex, man. If not for being freakin’ awesome and lovable for his tortured soul, then definitely for being super persistent and never giving up on his life goals. You know you have a good baddie when you find yourself halfway rooting for him. You just go on Lex with your bad self.


#2. Magneto: X-men

He’s my number two because he may be bad but he’s a baddie you can feel for. Magneto is a somewhat relatable baddie because you know that if, say Bill Cosby killed your whole family, tortured you for years, and tried to kill you directly after you saved his life, you would have a major vendetta against the dude. Magneto sees all non-mutants as Bill Cosby.



Number One Goes To…..


#1. Joker: The Dark Knight

Let’s be honest. He was ALWAYS going to be #1. It’s truly a pleasure to watch him not only teeter-totter, but full on foxtrot along the line of insanity and genius the way he does. You don’t mess with the Joker. I love the Joker because he is a bad guy to even the bad guys. In the whole history of the Joker, if a bad guy tries to hire him or work with him, the Joker is guaranteed to fuck him up as well as everyone else in a killing range. A truly wonderful villain is one you love to hate, but also still love. My girl Harley Quinn Knows what I’m sayin’.

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