Tom Six’s The Human Centipede 3 (Final Sequence) will be the Cinematic Event of 2014

“100% medically accurate”

Goddamn, it seems like eons ago when I reviewed The Human Centipede (First Sequence) after viewing it before most of the planet at the 2009 Screamfest Horror Film Festival in Hollywood, California. It is next to impossible in these webzine oversaturated times not to see a poster or theatrical trailer before a said film, but with this project, I went in cold turkey.

I won’t going on blithering too much about the plot, but a quick recap wouldn’t hurt. A trio of tourists are sewn together mouth-to-anus by a depraved German doctor forming a “human centipede.” Director Tom Six, who I have never heard of at the time, has gone on record saying he was inspired by the World War II Nazi medical experiments that were practiced at Auschwitz concentration camps. The concept itself came from him joking about punishing a child molester by stitching his mouth to the anus of a fat truck driver.

That’s some deep mojo for an exploitation film, yet Tom played it straight as an arrow, and the results are uneven at best. The film needed to push the limits more than just placing three adults in sumo wrestling diapers and having bowel movements pass from one person to another. For 3/4 of the movie, I was unimpressed, and, honestly, bored. But there was a time for a balls-out ending that would put the Saw films to shame – a chance for redemption with a final act that could have had feces and blood spraying the walls as these hapless souls tried to free themselves – sending the audience into a frenzy – and injecting a “holy fuck” moment into an insipid horror film. It never happened – I stick by my two star review.


“100% medically inaccurate”

The next film in the three-part series is called ,The Human Centipede 2 (Full Sequence), and this is Tom Six’s fuck you to journalists/bloggers/critics like myself who felt he didn’t push the boundaries when opportunity knocked the first time around.

Employing the Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2 stream of thought, an obsessed fan of the original film conjures up a plan to concoct a 12-person centipede in a squalid warehouse by assembling the good, the bad, and the ugly that society has to offer.

Tom Six expands the perimeters of screen violence with an all-out assault on the senses – a 4-D orgy of pain and suffering that dares you take in all the bukkake-esque blood and shit that lay before your very eyes.

If you don’t find barbed wire rape, severed tendons, bludgeoning by crowbar, teeth being knocked out by a hammer and face ripping a form of relaxation, then you arrived at the wrong bed and breakfast.

While it was shot in color, Six always envisioned The Human Centipede 2 (Full Sequence) as a black and white film, and that really gives it an even dirtier edge that made me want to scrub my body with a brillo pad when all was said and done.

While the non-stop atrocities are a bitter pill to swallow, Tom Six accomplished what he set out to do… to make the viewer the voyeur and a participant in these acts of evil. We can turn it off, but like a train wreck, we can’t turn away. I guess I should be careful what I wish for. Bravo, Tom, Bravo!


100% politically incorrect

What’s next?

Rumblings on the net that the location of the final film will take place in a prison has many fans drooling at the possibilities. The IMDb page confirms this is the case with numerous actors cast as inmates, most notably, two bad mothers known for their tough guy personas: Robert LaSardo (Death Race) and Tommy ‘Tiny’ Lister (Prison).

Dieter Laser and Laurence R. Harvey are joined by Eric Roberts (Governor Hughes) and former pornographic actress Bree Olson – she’s all kinds of stupid hot – and with that sort of background – she is probably open to whatever the script asks of her.

What is 100% confirmed is there will be a 500+ person pede! That’s 500+ prisoners who will be doing more than serving hard time for their crimes, but are they really guilty? Maybe Tom is going to toy with the idea of the power of government and its use of the death penalty and its impact on innocent people. What happens if a man is sentenced to life in prison for child molestation but he didn’t commit the crime? What if he is truly guilty, does that mean he really deserves that kind of punishment? Who is the real victim? Maybe its society as a whole who has gone too far with our eye for an eye attitude.

This is the genius of director Tom Six. He is looking to get a reaction from us, and whether it be positive or negative, it’s irrelevant, he’s going for the jugular. In a way, his form of cinema, torture porn or not, defies critical analysis.

I see a NC-17 Rating in the future for The Human Centipede 3 (Final Sequence) – given that the film has no choice but to rise above everything we have seen so far. I envision it being one of the most controversial and divisive horror films ever made. While there will be copious amounts of ‘tossing the salad’, there will be even more cookies tossed come 2014.


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