The Rise Of A Star: Jason Momoa

I am sure in some shape or form you would have heard of Jason Momoa. The rising actor broke out with a starring role as Ronon Dex in Stargate: Atlantis and since the show ended his career has really taken off.

More recently he has won acclaim as Khal Drogo in the highly popular new HBO series Game Of Thrones. His warrior like look and demeanour was perfect for the reboot of Conan The Barbarian. The man hasn’t stopped, and he will feature in the Stallone starrer Bullet To The Head.

So what is it about the man that appeals to the masses?

First off, he is a solid actor! No matter what he might be portraying he falls into character and delivers the goods. Take Khal Drogo for example, the first time he shows up in the series he character barely talks. He uses other ways to communicate who he is and what his intentions are. It is such a great performance, that it is no wonder that fans enjoy him in the role.

He has great screen presence, he really commands it when he appears and the audience surely notices when he shows up. He is built like a rock; his natural appearance is perfect for something like Conan. He has a lot of potential, and this is a man I could see as a future action film star.

With his performance as Conan, it surely was challenging as the original film (while it did differ from the source material) is something well loved and has loyal fans. Stepping into shoes filled by the great Arnold Schwarzenegger is not an easy task and I think he handled himself well. He overcame the obstacles in front of him and while things could have gone differently he made for a very solid Conan. The film might not have made much of an impact at the Box Office, but with its release on DVD/Blu-ray and Digital Download I am sure it will find its audience. Fans of Game Of Thrones should seek out the film, and see the man in action; you’ll only appreciate his casting of Drogo even more.

We can look forward to his role in Bullet To The Head, and see a different side to him. I am sure he will get interesting and diverse roles and we shall support him along the way. His star is burning bright, so lets give it up for Jason Momoa.

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Marcella Papandrea

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  1. He is my moon and stars….(Game of Thrones Reference) Can we get a male hotty of the week?

  2. He was one of the few (very few) things worth seeing the new CONAN for. The movie was putrid, but he just oozes charisma.