New Release Tuesday (10/23/2012)

Welcome back to Killer Film’s New Release Tuesday for October 23rd! Some of the releases are making it to DVD or Blu-ray for the first time, but some are re-releases, so keep in mind that there could be multiple releases for certain titles. Before we get to these releases, let us remind you that by ordering through our site, you not only get the best deals around from Amazon, but clicking on a cover and purchasing from our link will help us out at no extra cost to you! It’s what keeps us killer!

Magic Mike       

(Formats: Blu-ray/DVD)

Donny says: Olivia Munn.  Rent 


Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter       

(Formats: Blu-ray/DVD)

Donny says: Been wanting to check this out. Rent 


Star Wars: The Clone Wars – Season Four      

(Formats: Blu-ray/DVD)

Donny says: Hell yes! Buy 


Blade Runner (20th Anniversary Collector’s Edition)       

(Formats: Blu-ray/DVD)

Donny says: Can’t wait to buy this.


I, Robot      

(Formats: Blu-ray/DVD)

Donny says: Nothing more than a time waster. Pass


Perry Mason: The Seventh Season, Vol. 2      

(Formats: Blu-ray/DVD)

Donny says: I’ll rent this someday.


Seeking a Friend for the End of the World      

(Formats: Blu-ray/DVD)

Donny says: I’ve been waiting to rent this.


Wrong Turn 5      

(Formats: Blu-ray/DVD)

Donny says: Beer + Pizza = Rent 


Quantum of Solace       

(Formats: Blu-ray/DVD)

Donny says: This is a must buy.


Lost Girl: Season One       

(Formats: Blu-ray/DVD)

Donny says: I may rent this someday.


Fear & Desire       

(Formats: Blu-ray/DVD)

Donny says: I’m gonna buy this.


Universal Monsters Coffin Box Collection       

(Formats: Blu-ray/DVD)

Donny says: Wow! Buy


Fantasy Island: The Complete Third Season       

(Formats: Blu-ray/DVD)

Donny says: Can’t wait to rent this!


Take This Waltz       

(Formats: Blu-ray/DVD)

Donny says: Been looking forward to this one. Rent 


Sunday Bloody Sunday (The Criterion Collection)       

(Formats: Blu-ray/DVD)

Donny says: Expensive Tuesday. Buy 


Octaman (40th Anniversary Edition)       

(Formats: Blu-ray/DVD)

Donny says: Never seen this, but it looks like fun. Rent 


Wilson, Brian – Songwriter: 1969-1982      

(Formats: Blu-ray/DVD)

Donny says: I’m a fan. Rent 


The Ambassador       

(Formats: Blu-ray/DVD)

Donny says:  This looks like fun. Rent



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One Comment

  1. Got MAGIC MIKE pre-ordered. I liked the movie a lot.

    I bought the UNIVERSAL MONSTERS set from Amazon UK for about $55 USD instread of over $100. That’s my go to site for sets. Just pre-ordered the Alfred Hitchcock one from there for $130 instead of $220.