New Release Tuesday (02/28/12)

Welcome back to Killer Film’s New Release Tuesday for February 28th! Some of the releases are making it to DVD or Blu-ray for the first time, but some are re-releases, so keep in mind that there could be multiple releases for certain titles. Before we get to these releases, let us remind you that by ordering through our site, you not only get the best deals around from Amazon, but clicking on a cover and purchasing from our link will help us out at no extra cost to you! It’s what keeps us killer!


(Formats: Blu-ray/DVD)

Christina says: Can’t wait to buy this!

Donny says: Beautiful. Buy

Justice League: Doom

(Formats: Blu-ray/DVD)

Christina says: Nathan Fillion is the best Green Lantern! Buy

Donny says: Can’t wait to buy this one.


Johnny English Reborn

(Formats: Blu-ray/DVD)

Christina says: Not a fan. Pass

Donny says: I’d rent this one.


Runaway Jury

(Formats: Blu-ray/DVD)

Christina says: Good movie. Rent

Donny says: Another rental.


Beneath the Darkness

(Formats: Blu-ray/DVD)

Christina says: This doesn’t look promising. Rent

Donny says: Once again… Rent

The Buccaneer

(Formats: Blu-ray/DVD)

Christina says: I haven’t seen this in forever. Buy

Donny says: Classic. Buy

Scarlet Street: Kino Classics Edition

(Formats: Blu-ray/DVD)

Christina says: I might rent this.

Donny says: I’ll rent this one.


Johnny English

(Formats: Blu-ray/DVD)

Christina says: Still not a fan. Pass

Donny says: Another one for the rental queue.


Baba Yaga

(Formats: Blu-ray/DVD)

Christina says: How have I not heard of this? Rent

Donny says: Solid flick. Buy

The Mountain

(Formats: Blu-ray/DVD)

Christina says: Haven’t heard of this one. Rent

Donny says: Hmm. Rent

I Melt With You

(Formats: Blu-ray/DVD)

Christina says: I have been wanting to see this! Rent

Donny says: Amazing flick. Buy


(Formats: Blu-ray/DVD)

Christina says: Could be interesting. Rent

Donny says: I might rent this one.



(Formats: Blu-ray/DVD)

Christina says: Sounds cool. Rent

Donny says: Once again… Rent

Jack Kerouac: King of the Beats

(Formats: Blu-ray/DVD)

Christina says: Haven’t seen this one either, but I’d rent it.

Donny says: Love it! Buy


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  1. RUNAWAY JURY is one of the best courtroom drama/thrillers I’ve ever seen. That said. I have the DVD, so I won’t be double dipping for it. Nothing else catches my eye this week.

  2. Justice League: Doom was bad ass.

  3. nothing for me to do this week..back to my PlayStation 3

    -The Anime Department of Killer Film