SXSW14 Review – Starry Eyes

starry-eyes-poster-thumb-300xauto-46520It’s not often that a film takes me back to the glory days of horror. Back to a time when the lines between cinema and art were blurred with the glorious luster of passion and gore. Writer/Directors; Kevin Kolsch and Dennis Windmyer’s Starry Eyes is one of those films. The filmmakers pure love of genre shines through every frame, keeping its audience enthralled for its entire runtime.

The allure of stardom is a strong one. People from all walks of life dream of their 15 minutes, living vicariously through their favorite celebrity meltdowns. That because of the connected world we live in are available for anyone with an internet connection or cellphone to see any time day or night. Starry Eyes takes the dream of stardom and pushes it into the underbelly of the beast, as Sarah, played brilliantly by newcomer Alex Essoe, proves that she is willing to do anything for her 15 minutes.

Hollywood is the true villain in this Lynchian thriller. When Sarah auditions for a leading role, she is introduced to chillingly creepy casting directors that force her to question her moral fortitude.  Realizing her need to be a part of the glitz and glamor of Hollywood royalty, Sarah does whatever it takes and then some in order to realize her dream.

Klosch and Windmyer paint a beautifully demented picture that is elevated to cult status by the gut wrenching performance of Essoe. Each scene moves Sarah’s metamorphosis forward, creating an entirely new and unforgettable creature. Every detail from the atmospheric music to the artful cinematography is unforgettable. Producer Travis Stevens has brought together a tour de force of talent that made me remember why I love the horror.

Do yourself a favor and see Starry Eyes as soon as possible. It’s the type of genre offering you’ve been waiting for.

Rating: ★★★★☆

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