Griff the Invisible – Review

Over the last few years the superhero genre has gotten a bit of a makeover. One of the newest additions to this genre has been the “homemade” superhero. These are heroes that don’t have super powers. They are regular people that have had enough and want to make a change. Kick-Ass, The Defendor and most recently, Super. Well, there is a new hero that has added his name to the growing list, and it’s Griff the Invisible.

Ryan Kwanten (Jason Stackhouse from True Blood) plays Griff, a pathetic office worker who can’t get out of his own way. He has a co-worker that teases him all the time, but can’t find the inner strength to fight back. By night, however, he’s a crime fighter. Griff lives in a nice apartment in a nice part of the city, but, like all cities, there is crime. He creates a superhero that fights off the crime, except in the newspapers and signs around town, his masked savior is the one looked at as a menace.

One day, Griff’s brother Tim comes to visit him. He tells Griff that he’s moving back to town and that he has been dating someone. Tim’s love interest is Melody (Maeve Demody), a quirky woman who believes that a person’s atoms and an object’s atoms have air between them and at the right time, can pass through one another. Tim brings Melody to visit Giff, and there seems to be a spark between the two strange individuals. Griff is trying to build a suit to make himself invisible and Melody finds these plans while visiting. With his new invisible suit, Griff goes to work after everyone leaves and plants booby-traps for his rival, Tony. Since he’s invisible, Griff has more strength to pull off the pranks and overcome his arch enemy.

Along the way, we find out that Griff had done something in the past, but it’s never told to us outright. The viewer is led to believe that Griff has dressed up like a superhero and tried to save his city when he was younger.

This was an interesting movie because it was something more than your typical homemade super hero movie. It was a superhero movie intertwined with a romance and a mystery all rolled into one. We see things that don’t quite make sense throughout the movie. Like the scenes when Griff is invisible but can be seen on the camera at work. It isn’t until the last 10 minutes that we are finally given the answers to the questions. Leon Ford (writer/director) has created a fun, quirky film that is almost the anti-homemade superhero film. Viewers of True Blood know that Kwanten can play quirky and funny, and he’s used perfectly here. Demody has great chemistry with Kwanten and they play off each other very well.

There are a few uneven parts and the editing was a bit off. There is a scene where Melody visits Griff once she realizes that she has fallen for him and not his brother. Tim comes to see Griff shortly after and Melody hides. Tim uses Griff’s bathroom, and then Griff goes off to fight crime. The next scene is Melody working at her dad’s store. She explains to Griff when he visits the store what happened to her, but to jump from Griff leaving his apartment to seeing Melody at the store leaves the viewer with a dizzy feeling like they just missed something, since she and Tim were left in the apartment alone. How do each of them leave? Do they run into each other? The viewer isn’t sure.

Overall, this is an enjoyable experience and a fun enough movie to search out for viewing.

Rating: ★★★½☆


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