Footloose – Blu-ray Review

The Film:

So I’ll admit that I haven’t seen the original Footloose from 1984. I’m not sure how I’ve managed to not watch it. Obviously, I’ve missed out on many pop-culture references and danced a line dance which I have no bearing for. In fact, the only good thing that has come from me not seeing the original Footloose is that the remake isn’t a remake from my perspective.

Bomont, a fictitious town in Georgia, has endured a great tragedy. Several teenagers died in a car crash after leaving a party. The small town decides that the best way to keep this terrible thing from happening again, is to create numerous ordinances and laws. The most important of which makes public dancing for minors illegal.

Three years later, Ren MacCormack (Kenny Warmold) arrives in Bomont from Boston to live with his Aunt and Uncle. He quickly becomes enamored with the preacher’s daughter, Ariel Moore (Julianne Hough), and gets a ticket for playing his music too loudly. Ren makes friends with Willard (Miles Teller) and Woody (Ser’Darius Blain) and discovers that despite the ordinances teens are still dancing, very well I might add. Ren has to deal with everything from drugs, racing, and Ariel’s deadbeat boyfriend, Chuck Cranston (Patrick John Flueger). Lastly, he has to fight for his “Right to Dance”.

As with most films, there are definitely things that we suspend belief on. A town thinking that making an ordinance against dancing would stop teens from dancing. Obviously laws and ordinances on underage drinking have stopped that problem. The fact that Bomont is populated with professional dancers who are all amazing. Fights have almost no repercussions, that includes bottling someone. That a mechanic of any skill could get a run down car working in less than 12 hours. But the core of the film is about a rebel and his struggle.

Some personal observations about the film. The cliche of the southern idiot sidekick was a bit frustrating at first, but after awhile you forget about it. Also I couldn’t shake the feeling that occasionally I was listening to a PSA. At one point when someone is called a “Fag” they retort with, “I thought only assholes still called people fags.” Also the film seems to not mention underage drinking as much as it does smoking pot. I guess that’s a product of MTV being one of the production companies.

Overall the film was very entertaining. It was well executed. The choreography and cinematography looked great. The script has a good mix of humor and drama. Definitely not a bad choice for a weekend rental.

The Blu-ray:


The Audio is loud and dynamic, boasting some of the best quality I’ve heard on a blu-ray disc thus far. The video is stellar as well, with beautiful colors and clean blacks.

Special Features

Commentary: Director Craig Brewer talks about making the film, the cast, and more. Worth a listen.

Jump Back: Re-Imagining Footloose: A look at the entire process of recreating an iconic film. Well worth checking out.

Everybody Cut: The Stars of Footloose: A feature that focuses on the casting of the film. Not my favorite feature, but not terrible.

Dancing with the Footloose Stars: A cool look at the choreography in the film.

There are also, deleted scenes, music videos, a DVD copy, and more on this disc.

The Film: Rating: ★★★☆☆

The Blu-ray: Rating: ★★★★☆

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