Zombies on a Plane!

I have to say that ‘Snakes on a Plane’ oops, I mean ‘Flight of The Living Dead’ was not as bad as I thought it was going to be. I’d even say that if you watch this flick with no expectations other than a forgettable bloody good time, you might even walk out with a smile on your face.

‘Flight of The Living Dead’ (originally titled ‘Plane Dead’) begins with some rocking music and the standard horror movie title sequence and then moves into an airliner that is carrying a box-o-living dead girl that a group of scientists decided to pack up and transport to Paris. I guess they figured an zombie outbreak would work better for them on foreign soil. Evidently the super smart zombie virus scientist Dr. Leo Bennett (Erick Avari) didn’t watch many George Romero films because he thought that posting an armed guard next to the boxed up zombie would keep them safe. It doesn’t take long for the zombie girl to break out and munch on the guard, spreading her zombie cooties. Everything is pretty much downhill from there on out.

The actors are all competent, but that doesn’t help this plane from going down in flames. First off the flick plays out more like an action flick than a horror movie, which is not a bad thing, but zombies somehow seem out of place in an action movie. Also it seemed like as soon as people started turning into zombies the passenger count grew. Now I’m not positive because I didn’t count every passenger, I’m just saying that it seemed that way.

The digital effects also irritated me a little. Call me crazy, but I like my zombies wet and puss filled, with buckets of home cooked blood mixture flowing out of them. Not with digitally painted blood splatter. The cinematography was pretty impressive, hell a few times I thought I was watching a Michael Bay movie. The directing was also pretty solid for a low budget action romp.

If your looking for something entertaining to watch on a Friday night then ‘Flight of The Living Dead’ isn’t a bad choice. It’s like a made for cable movie of the week with balls. So don’t write it off completely, but know that it is not quite a killer film.

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