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For some, April 20th is nothing more than just another day. For Killer Film, it’s our very own Serena Whitney’s birthday. And for everyone else that don’t fit into those categories, it’s a day of celebration. As a counterculture holiday, April 20th, or as it’s commonly referred to 4/20, is a day of weed smoking. Interestingly enough, the holiday was a creation of some of teenagers from San Rafael High School in California, who on one past 4/20 met at the Statue of Louis Pasteur, in order to look for a rumored unguarded stash of cannabis (here).

But since that day, weed smokers around America have observed the day in various manners. Whether you are in Boulder, Colorado for the celebration and hopes of the legalization of marijuana or at home, we expect a movie or two to be watched today. So, in honor of the holiday, Killer Film smokes out their Top 10 Stoner Movies. Sit back, roll one up, and enjoy.

10 -The Union: The Business Behind Getting High

This 2007 documentary is a pivotal one in the hopes of legalization marijuana for most people, as it explores the growing and selling of it in Canada, through interviews, history, and facts. Not only is it a great way to start your day, but a timely topic for those in Colorado to talk about. A must watch.

9 -How High

You can’t have weed without Method Man and Redman, two of hip-hop’s biggest stoners. A couple of underachievers, who smoke pot all day, actually overachieve and get accepted into Harvard University. And you all thought, smoking pot made people lazy. Ha.

8 -Grandma’s Boy

Here’s an example of box office failure and DVD success. While not my personal favorite stoner comedy, it’s risen in the community due to its goofy one-liners that are often quoted and the prerequisites of any stoner: boobs, pot, and video games.

7 -Uh…hang on man, I’m rolling one up….what number are we on?

Oh, right, number 6:

6 – Pineapple Express

This oddball comedy features a brilliant opening montage of the earliest examples of government testing of pot effects in black and white, but also a new definitive stoner performance from James Franco. Trippy, funny, and certain to rise in the ranks in years to come.

5 -Half Baked

Does anyone play a burnout better than Jim Breuer? The cult comedy was a big success State-wide, and has become a stoner favorite. The entire film has Dave Chappelle battling the dilemma of continuing to smoke weed or be with his girl Mary Jane. It’s not an easy task, but what’s a smoker to do?

4 -Friday

I know you don’t smoke weed, I know this; but I’m gonna get you high today, ’cause it’s Friday; you ain’t got no job… and you ain’t got shit to do.” If anything, Friday could be the definitive weed smoker’s film, but as it stands it has actually transcended that niche genre and has found mainstream success, not only from non-weed smokers who enjoy the comedy, but critical and musically. What rapper doesn’t quote: “Puff puff, give. Puff puff, give. You f-ckin’ up the rotation.” A classic.

3 -Pink Floyd: The Wall

Perhaps this 1982 musical film based on the immortal classic album of the same name from Pink Floyd isn’t a typical stoner film in the traditional sense, but it’s perfect for a day like today. Why? The trippy imagery for one and two, every stoner worth his joint knows that Pink’s music is a transcendental experience when stoned. If you want something to trip out too, look no further.

2 -Dazed and Confused

This classic coming-of-age story might not be fully about pot, but the backdrop of the 1970’s was pot. The film incorporates in much like it was for the generation of the 1970’s as weed wasn’t anything more than apart of the culture. Featuring a great soundtrack, solid performances, and a title reference to a great Led Zeppelin song, what more can you want?

1 – Up in Smoke

Sorry to sound cliched, but this is the best stoner comedy around. Cheech and Chong are the most iconic stoner ever, something that has not only become a stoner movie benchmark, but pop culture acceptance. Whether they are taking a crap load of acid, or smoking the biggest joint you have ever seen, or accidentally knocking over Ajax into a girl’s plate of coke, Up in Smoke is as timeless and American as apple pie, dude.

Special thanks to long-time Killer Film reader George Strausbaugh who submitted this list as a suggestion for us to do. Feel free to email us with other Top 10 ideas, who knows, maybe we’ll do yours! Also, what are you favorite stoner movies? Comment below!

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  1. Thanks for the shout Jon! Great list but you’re forgetting a bunch of Jay and Silent Bob classics and especially SMILEY FACE with Anna Faris. SMILEY FACE is the perfect stoner movie!

    Jon Reply:

    Yeah, “Smiley Face” got mentioned a lot from people. Oh well, I ‘forgot’. :)

  2. LOVE Pineapple Express. Happy B-day Serena.

  3. Nice list. I love GRANDMA’S BOY. It was one of those movies that I thought looked dumb, but then a friend showed it to me on DVD, and I fell in love with it. It’s very much like OFFICE SPACE, as it wasn’t a big box office hit, but did well on DVD. And everyone that sees it enjoys it.

    Happy birthday Serena!

    This is also a birthday for an infamous person in history and an anniversary for an infamous happening, but let’s remember the great of this day! GRANDMA’S BOY rules!

  4. Where is Harold and Kumar?

    Jon Reply:

    Where they belong…off the list.

    Brad Reiter Reply:


    Anonymous Reply:

    fuck off dude, harold and kumar is awesome

  5. hey jon the list was great. Sorry i didnt get to check it out on 420. I was busy at the festival all day!