Top 10 most difficult to watch (but still insanely awesome) movies

Ever struggled to sit through a movie, but by the end were glad you did? Some movies are just too boring, too gruesome, or just plain too weird – but somehow are still great. You want to turn away, turn off the DVD, or leave the theater, but in the end it turns out to be one of your all time favorites. These are the top ten most difficult to watch — but still insanely awesome — movies. *Warning this article contains a few spoilers*

10. The Fountain

With enough new age symbolism to make Deepak Chopra’s head spin, this movie is a bit tough to swallow. Trust me…I’ve read nearly new age book out there on the market, and there were times when even I was thinking “Just what exactly are they getting at here?”. There are parts that lead you to believe this is a couple going through several past lives, then there are other scenes that make you think Hugh Jackman is immortal, and then there are parts that make you think it’s just Hugh Jackman reading a book and imaging all this crap! There is even a part that makes you think Rachel Weisz is a tree…I’m serious. And to top it off…the movie never tells you which it is…just guess. To sum it all up: Weird new agey shit happens for no reason – deal with it.

Why its awesome: The acting is phenomenal, and its one of the prettiest movies you’ll ever see. Also, somehow not knowing what the hell is going on seems to work for this movie.

9. Seom – aka “The Isle”

Possibly, one of the strangest love stories ever made. In this Korean film a woman works as a prostitute on a river bank full of tiny rickety house boats, and she floats from houseboat to houseboat having sex with all the men staying there. One day she meets a man on the run from the cops, and saves him by shoving a fish hook down his throat and throwing him in the water. Somehow this leads to an epic and tragic love affair where they each mutilate their genitals with fish hooks.

Why its awesome: If you consider yourself a jaded film geek…go back and read what I just said: An epic love story about a prostitute and a criminal who show their love for one another through genital mutilation. You’ll never have to worry about a crappy Hollywood remake of this movie.

8. Hard Candy

Ellen Page, the cute girl from Juno, tortures a pedophile so much that you actually start to feel sorry for the pedophile. You’d almost expect that you’d be cheering her on for taking a stand against the perverts that harm small children, but it doesn’t take long before your so on edge you just want it to end.

Why it’s awesome: It’s a movie that make you think about the thin line between justice and outright cruelty.

7. Elephant

Imagine following a kid across a school yard…in one shot…for 5 minutes straight. This movie has some of the most ridiculously long tracking shots you’ll ever see, of some of the most boring things happening you can imagine. It’s just an average boring day at a high school.

Why it’s awesome: The end of this movie is a vicious Columbine like school shooting. The boring nature of the first half of the movie only serves to highlight just how normal of a day it was. These were just normal every day kids, until two gunman walk in. I don’t think any movie can give you a real feeling of what that is like, but this movie is as close as it gets.

6. Meet the Feebles

It’s basically the muppets on crack. The movie revolves around a team of puppets who produce a nightly stage show, who happen to be the grossest most vile people (err…animals…puppets?) that you’ve ever seen. Worse still, the bulk of it isn’t even that funny.

Why it’s awesome: Despite the fact that most of the movie is much more gross than funny, the last five minutes are so hilarious its worth sitting through the entire movie just for the final scene. I won’t spoil it entirely, but think Miss Piggy with an uzi.

5. Brown Bunny

An hour and a half of Vincent Gallo, driving around and being depressed – then he gets a blow job (for real). Some critics considered this movie porn when it came out, since it contains real oral sex, but trust me this is not porn. There is nothing sexy or erotic about it at all.

Why it’s awesome: This is the art film to end all art films. It isn’t for everyone, but if you’ve got a stomach for an unbelievably depressing vanity film I say give it a shot.

4. Blair Witch Project

You can’t really even see half this movie its so shaky, and most of the dialog consists of “Oh my god…what was that!”

Why its awesome: Like Members Only jackets, 80’s hair metal, and parachute pants its not considered cool to like this movie anymore, but you know you liked it when it first came out. At the very least you have to admit it was a brilliant concept and very well executed.

3. Audition

A lonely widower finds new love, but unfortunately she turns out to be a sadistic maniac. Director Takeshi Miike has a reputation for being extreme, and this movie is just that. This movie makes Saw, Hostel look like they were made by Pixar. Remember kids, sometimes being lonely isn’t so bad.

Why it’s awesome: It’s a Miike movie…they’re all awesome.

2. Irreversable

I’m pretty sure the makers of this movie wanted people to throw up while watching this movie. The camera moves around as if its being manned by a drunken castaway on a driftwood raft in ten foot seas. There are parts where the camera literally flips backwards end over end for a minute straight. To top it off the first half of the movie has an extreme low frequency sound, that makes you sick to your stomach if your watching in a place with a good enough audio system to reproduce it. To top it all off the movie contains violently realistic fights, and one of the most brutal rape scenes ever filmed.

Why it’s awesome: The movie was built to look as if its done in a single continuous shot, and considering the complexity of the movie it was really an amazing feat that they pulled it off. The movie contains hundreds of effects shots, but they are so well done that you don’t notice a single one of them. For indie filmmakers, the behind the scenes of this movie will have you in complete awe.

1. Ichi, the Killer

Yet another Miike classic, this movie centers around two men: One is a psychotic sexually repressed mass murderer being controlled by an ex cop, and the other is a masochistic Yakuza gang leader known for his gory and bizarre methods. Freakish torture, weird sex, a guy cutting out his tongue, and pretty much any weird violent thing you can think of is in this movie.

Why it’s awesome: There truly would be no Hostel, no Saw, or any of the entire torture genre that currently grace American theaters if it had not first been for this movie. As mentioned for Audition, all Miike movies are awesome…but this movie is his masterpiece.

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  1. The Blair Witch Project was awful from day 1. We purchased this movie on VHS, and it came with a compass. Please. Needless to say, we were severely disappointed. The movie is “difficult to watch” because it’s simply atrocious. I would rather watch Napoleon Dynamite than The Blair Witch Project.

  2. Yea, Blair Witch, watched it, not entertained or really impressed. the best thing about that film was the marketing. And Hard Candy, nothing wrong with torturing pedophiles.

  3. Xiu Xiu the Sent Down Girl?