Killer Film’s Bond Girl Wishlist

Lucky us. The untitled Bond 23 just got a release date (here) at long last, and we’re really excited here at Killer Film. Along with the exotic locations, the gadgets, the cars,the theme song, the license to kill, we especially love the Bond Girls. Whether they’re the main character or a sexy supporting one, the Bond Girl is one of the most important aspects. It’s still to early to know who will be cast as the Bond Girls in Bond 23, but that’s why we are here. Donny Broussard and Jon Peters offer their picks at actresses they would love to see in a Bond Girl role!

Jon’s Picks:

- Freida Pinto (from Slumdog Millionaire, Rise of the Apes)

To me, she is the most obvious choice. Young, gorgeous, and can really act, Freida Pinto could be a main star in the upcoming film. Plus, she’s different than most Bond Girls, since she can act and is of a different nationality than 90% of most of who they cast.

- Helena Mattsson (Iron Man 2, Species: The Awakening)

Incredibly hot, and a decent actress, Helena would make for a great supporting Bond Girl for the film.

- Kylie Bisutti

She’s an American Victoria Secret model. Sometimes, it’s okay if the Bond Girl is just eye candy.

- Julie Benz (TV’s Angel and Dexter, Rambo)

Totally going out on a limb here, since Julie isn’t the typical Bond Girl material. She’s older, obviously, but her acting chops as seen in Angel with Joss Whedon and The Boondock Saints II: All Saint’s Day should make her a formidable ally or foe for Mr. Bond. It’s her atypical qualities that could make her an amazing addition to Bond 23.  Just like Michelle Yeoh or Eva Green, her great sex appeal and smart could make her one of the better 21st Century Bond Girls. Heaven forbid if a Bond Girl is, you know, smart.

- Emmanuelle Chriqui (Wrong Turn, You Don’t Mess with the Zohan)

This Jewish-Canadian Goddess has the looks, the charm, the sass needed for a Bond Girl. She’s exotic enough to woo producers. Imagine her Bond Girl name! Yum!

Donny’s Picks:

- Sasha Grey (Entourage, and many of my favorite pornos)

Sasha is hot, sexy, and not afraid to take it off for the camera. Score for the Bond franchise if you ask me.

- Katy Perry (Stupid hot pop star)

Perfect body, and hot enough that I could care less if she can act. Let the haters comment.

- Emma Watson (Harry Potter, The Tale of Despereaux)

Yum. I’m just saying.

- Odette Yustman (Cloverfield, Unborn)

After the wonderful poster for Unborn I’ve been a fan of Odette and her wonderful assets. She would make an amazing Bond girl.

- Olivia Munn (G4, Perfect Couples)

Olivia is one of the sexiest women alive! She is every fanboy’s dream girl. Bond couldn’t do any better than her… Period.

Hopefully, these choices will leave you shaken, not stirred. Agree? Disagree? Post your thoughts below in our comments section!

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Jon Peters

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  1. My Bond Girl list….

    Salma Hayek

    Noomi Rapace

    Kate Bekinsale

    Kerry Washington

    Nia Long

    Michele Rodriguez

    Kelly MacDonald

    Lucy Liu

    V’s Laura Vandervort and Morena Baccarin

    Summer Glau

    Gabrielle Anwar

    Eliza Dushku

    Marsha Thomason from USA’s White Collar

    Julie Benz woul be a kick ass Bond Girl.

    Emma Watson is cute though a bit young, perhaps in a few yrs.

    Emanuelle annoyed me in Wrong Turn, but she is a hottie.

    Don’t watch Entourage, but read/heard good things about the character she plays.

    Sasha Gray: A Trans-Gendered female appeared in a Bond film, so a porn star shouldn’t be a big deal.

    Well, that’s my two cents on this topic.

    Carry on guys…

    Donny Broussard Reply:

    Salma Hayek, Kate Bekinsale, Michele Rodriguez, and Summer Glau are all really solid choices.

  2. All good choices. Gotta go with Salma Hayek.

  3. With the exception of Eva Green, the Bond chicks in CR and QOS were too amatuerish. Green wouldn’t exactly make my all time best list, but her character did have the best chemistry with Craig’s 007.

    Providing beautiful eye candy is essential for a Bond film, that goes w/o saying. But the principal ones that have the most interaction with him should bring more to the table than their looks.

    Especially with Daniel Craig, who is a great actor with a strong screen presence. The actress must be able to hold her own.


    Donny Broussard Reply:


    horrorchic Reply:

    Olivia Wilde?

    If so, yes she’s lovely but I’m not that impressed with her acting.

    Donny Broussard Reply:

    Olivia Munn

    horrorchic Reply:

    Oh, my mistake.

    Isn’t she on a new tv series?

  4. I like the choice of Emmanuelle Chriqui!

    Jon Reply:

    I thank you.

  5. Emma Watson is an amazing actress! I know she’s a bit young, but she’s perfect for a bond girl role!