Armageddon Expo 2011: Laura Vandervoort, David Anders & Patricia Tallman

For the first time the Armageddon Expo headed to Adelaide, Australia bringing with them some big names and Killer Film was there, to bring you all the excitement! A great time was had, the guests were fantastic and they took some time out to have a chat with Killer Film over the weekend.

Interview with Laura Vandervoort

Marcella Papandrea: Hello Laura, thanks for taking some time out to have a chat with Killer Film.

Laura Vandervoort: No problem.

MP: Have you been having a good day so far at Armageddon?

LV: I have yeah, I just got to Adelaide last night and we did a meet and greet with some of the fans that was really cool. I’m here today and I hope I get to see a little bit of Adelaide. I’ve toured around Sydney for the past couple of days which was great. You know the energy here is great, I like the feel and the vibe here it’s been great doing the shows.

MP: How does this Convention compare to the ones you’ve attended in the States?

LV: This one just feels so relaxed and quaint in a good way. The one in Sydney was wonderful too, everyone is always so friendly at Conventions. (laughs) No one has ever been mean. People are just so enthusiastic, it’s nice.

MP: Can you tell us anything about Smallville, with the season and series wrapping up very soon?

LV: Yeah it is the last season and I just shot my last episode, it’s called ‘Prophecy’. I can’t say what number it is, I am not sure they have announced it yet. It’s going to be great, we’re going to wrap up Kara’s storyline and hopefully give the fans what they’ve been looking for. It was sad to say good-bye to everyone, everybody was kind of upset that the show was ending, the crew and the cast everyone’s a family. It’s been a great show, a good experience and I was sad to say good-bye to Kara and let her go because I feel like she’s my little creation. Mind you she was created before me but I spun her into what I wanted her to be.

MP: It was a different take on the character.

LV: Yeah and I put a bit of myself in her. Coming to the Conventions I’ve talked to the fans about what they wanted to see in Supergirl. So it is a combo of the fans wants and needs and what I wanted to make her. That’s how she grew.

MP: Was it difficult stepping into the show after six seasons and playing such an iconic character.

LV: Yeah, and when I was cast I looked up Supergirl and Supergirl information, background info, and researched everything. But I was intimidated as I had seen Smallville growing up, and they are a well-oiled machine and for me to jump in and be the new person and that was difficult. Especially as it was one of my biggest jobs at that point, on top of that she’s already an iconic character and I had to make sure I filled those boots properly and that skirt (laughs). I think because everyone was so friendly and the team over at Smallville was so welcoming I was able to relax into it. Now I feel like its second nature to play her.

MP: What was it like to work with Helen Slater who was the original film Supergirl back in the mid 80’s?

LV: Helen is fantastic, again I was intimidated because she was the original and I didn’t want her to hate me or think I was doing a horrible job with what she had done. But so to they are both very different characters. She’s beautiful, she was graceful, she’s an amazing singer, and we had a few chats about playing Supergirl. But over all she’s just a wonderful person, and a wonderful person to work with.

MP: What are you able to tell us about V? It is currently in its second season, some juicy story-lines are happening.

LV: Well I don’t want to give anything away, yes it is getting juicy and my character is getting to do a lot more. They are writing a lot more for her in terms of who she’s interacting with and where her storyline is heading. She’s got a backbone now, she’s got an opinion, she has to choose which side she’s on. I’m not sure where you guys here are at with the show.

MP: We’re actually only a few days behind, so yes I am up to date.

LV: She’s joined the fifth column so she’s finally chosen a side. It’s nice because Elizabeth Mitchell’s character Erica is sort of becoming a mother to her and showing her compassion and helping her along the way, whereas Anna has become more of Tyler’s mother. And now we have Jane Badler on the show now from the original. Yeah there’s going to be some major deaths in the finale, of main characters. There’s some character interactions that haven’t happened before, explosions, romance, so a bit of everything really. It’s really amping up.

MP: I’m looking forward to it.

LV: Yeah so am I, I haven’t seen the finale yet.

MP: We’ll have to wait a while to see it.

LV: (laughs) Yeah unfortunately, but that’s part of the fun of television. I promise you that it will be awesome. No one will expect what is coming.

MP: The show’s been on a roll, and your character especially has come a long way, she’s been developed so well.

LV: Yeah she’s gone from like the low cut top girl and nothing more to more than I ever could have hoped for in a character. She’s got so many layers, so much stuff going on right now.

MP: You’ve definitely crafted her into an interesting character to watch, it’s been great to see her development.

LV: Yeah she’s a great character, she really considers her options and I like that about her. She’s got the weight on her shoulders of being the next queen, saving the humans, killing her mother, grandma shows up (laughs).

MP: A lot going on.

LV: (laughs) Yeah exactly.

MP: Do you have anything upcoming that you are able to discuss?

LV: Yes well I did the last episode for me of Smallville, I did a movie called This Means War with Reese Witherspoon, Chris Pine, Tom Hardy, and it was just a little role for two days. It was more of a comedic role for me. And I did a movie with Ray Liotta that should be out later this year. And there’s a few things going on as well that I can’t really reveal just yet. I don’t want to count my eggs before they hatch (laughs).

MP: Thank you so much Laura.

LV: My pleasure.

Many thanks to Laura, it was great to have the time out to have a chat. She was a great addition to the Convention; it was a real pleasure to have her there.

Interview with David Anders

Marcella Papandrea: Hello David, thanks for coming and having a chat to Killer Film, how has Armageddon been so far?

David Anders: Thanks, yeah it’s been great, I’ve been great, having a blast. I have never been to Australia before, this is my first time.

MP: Welcome, hopefully you’ve been enjoying your stay here.

DA: Thanks, yeah definitely it’s an awesome country, it really is. The people have been great, and the sites are great, Sydney was great. I’ve been really enjoying my time in Adelaide, it’s been fun.

MP: Adelaide is a little more quieter than Sydney.

DA: Yeah but it is so relaxed and there is a lot going on too. Very cool.

MP: Can you tell us about what you are currently working on with The Vampire Diaries?

DA: Yeah, The Vampire Diaries. We’ve got like three episodes left to shoot for this season. Yeah we worked out that I wasn’t actually in the episode that is filming now which allowed me to come here.

MP: How has your time been on the show?

DA: It’s been so great.

MP: You play an interesting character.

DA: Yeah yeah … he is interesting, Uncle John … well, Papa John actually (laughs).

MP: He’s really all sorts of things (laughs).

DA: (laughs) Yeah he’s a badie, he wants all the vampires dead. But suddenly that makes me the bad guy (laughs).

MP: It’s so complicated.

DA: (laughs) It so is right.

MP: I mean when you look at it, how are you the bad guy when you want to kill vampires, aren’t they meant to be the villains?

DA: (laughs) Yeah well that happens when the vampires are your heroes.

MP: The dynamic automatically changes.

DA: Yeah, you’ve got your good vampires and your bad ones. But Uncle John comes from the school of ‘they are all bad’.

MP: I guess if you look at it from a different perspective he isn’t really a bad guy.

DA: (laughs) Exactly.

MP: Has it been a lot of fun? It seems like it!

DA: Oh yeah, it’s such a great group there. We have fun, we shoot in Atlanta, Georgia, which is a fun town. We have a great group of actors and crew, we have a lot of fun.

MP: Looking forward to seeing what happens on the show.

DA: Yeah me too.

MP: It’s at that ‘very interesting’ stage.

DA: Yes it really is, where are you guys up to here? Up to speed?

MP: Yes we are, it airs Thursday over in the States and they screen it here the following week. Which is great, it’s changed where we had to wait an entire year for a show to start.

DA: Yeah right that’s great (laughs). No spoilers then! (laughs) I never know what to say, usually I can not say too much anyway.

MP: Were you surprised your character was brought back this season?

DA: No not at all, I mean once it was revealed that ‘she was my daughter’ you know that’s a good reason to come back. But naturally I didn’t know what my fate was after last season when I had my fingers chopped off and stabbed I really didn’t know if I was going to live. But when they did keep me alive I knew (winks) that I’d be back.

MP: Is it weird for you to be on this show and not have an accent?

DA: (laughs) I know right? It is kinda actually, it really is. I am used to playing an Englishman.

MP: In my mind I was almost expecting you to have that accent (laughs).

DA: (laughs, puts on English accent) Oh, just wait a minute and I will.

MP: I guess you’d be so used to it that it just comes naturally now?

DA: Yeah it is, its funny like that. The directors and stuff are more convinced that I can’t play an American now. And I’m like ‘Look me up bro, I’m not faking my accent right now’ (laughs). I do like playing (changes accent) an Englishman. Something I can almost hide behind, and it does give me more of a character to get into.

MP: Do you feel that now you’ve got this role as John Gilbert who is American and not English, that this could help open up more doors for you to get those American character roles?

DA: I hope so, I hope I am establishing myself as an American actor. It is fun though, I love it. It does really versify my cannon of work.

MP: Are you just working on the show right now?

DA: Yeah just the show, but hopefully during the summer I can do a movie or something while the show is on its break.

MP: Are you thinking about possibly perusing roles where you do get to be the good guy? Or are you loving being the bad guy?

DA: (laughs) Oh I’d love to be the good guy.

MP: Bad guys sometimes tend to have to more appeal though.

DA: Yeah you know I think everybody has a dark side, and it’s fun to tap into that.

MP: Offered that hero role, you’d take it?

DA: Sure, you know I’d love to do comedies too. But you know playing the villain or bad guy those characters have led me down this road and I am happy, it has been fun. I’m like in the villain part of my career (laughs).

MP: There you go, you might find yourself doing some different roles.

DA: Yeah, well it’s like the guy who play the protagonists want to play the antagonist and vice versa (laughs). But you know, I’m not going to say no to work (laughs). It’s all good.

MP: Do the best that you can do.

DA: (laughs) Exactly, and I do my best and it’s so great.

MP: Looking back at everything you’ve done, playing so many different characters, which has stuck out to you the most?

DA: Yes Stark on ALIAS. That was my favourite, it was my first big role too.

MP: Sentimental favourite?

DA: (laughs) Yeah that really is a sentimental favourite, but still it was the best. He was a cool character to play, it was different every episode. Like where in The Vampire Diaries it can be the same sort of thing, saying the same things over and over ‘Vampires, vampires, vampires, vampires’ which is fine (laughs) but I do like when it changes up which is what ALIAS and Stark did from episode to episode. But yeah at the same time Vampire Diaries does throw me some curve balls.

MP: Well yeah, fingers cut off, got a daughter, those are definite curve balls.

DA: (laughs) I know right? Yeah that was all very surprising. Nina and I called each other when we found out and were just like ‘WHAT?’ (laughs).

MP: Keeps the show interesting.

DA: (laughs) Yeah it does, it’s great I love it.

MP: Thank you so much for having a chat to us David.

DA: Appreciate, it was a pleasure meeting you.

A big thanks to David for his time, he was a lot of fun to chat to and he made Armageddon a great show along with the rest of the guests. We all certainly had a lot of fun watching through-out the weekend as Patricia Tallman put her artistic skills to good use and made a collage using his guest poster. In turn, David decided to do the same to Patricia, Laura’s and Lance’s posters. You can see their work at the bottom of this post.

Interview with Patricia Tallman

Marcella Papandrea: Hello Patricia, thanks for coming to have a chat with Killer Film.

Patricia Tallman: Thank you so much as well.

MP: How are you, how are you enjoying the day here at Armageddon so far?

PT: I love it, I’ve been so happy to be here in Australia. I am having a fabulous time.

MP: When you got contacted for the event were you excited to come down?

PT: Yes! I have tried to get down here a few times but it didn’t work out and this time it all came together. This was meant to be!

MP: Being from Adelaide originally …

PT: You are? This must be great for you to see the Expo has finally come here then?

MP: Yes I am, I think everyone is really happy to have it here. I know a lot of people from Adelaide travel around to see Armageddon when the time comes. Nice to have it in the home town.

PT: Yes, it’s nice for Adelaide, its fantastic. It’s so beautiful here and so far there’s been a really nice turn out. Oh have you seen any of the wrestling yet?

MP: Not this time, I have seen it all at every other Convention it always gets a huge turn out (laughs).

PT: (laughs) Yes it’s pretty fun they have that here. They’ve made it a total family event. At the last one we had like bumper cars, it was great. They really do have a lot of stuff to do it is very cool.

MP: Can you tell us about what you have been up to, what you have been working on lately?

PT: Oh yeah, I just finished a film called Dead Air, that was a lot of fun. It is a horror film, with a bit of a zombie flavour to it.

MP: I’m so there, you said horror and zombie!

PT: Fantastic, I think it has some great stuff that fans like yourself will enjoy. We are selling the DVD here and it is available on Amazon. It has been getting great reviews, so please check it out if you get the chance. Corbin Bernsen directed it too.

MP: Do you have any highlights when you look back over your career?

PT: Oh yeah. These might be fan favourites too, but Night Of The Living Dead was a great experience, it was really wonderful. Working with a lot of people that I already knew, it was very much a family feeling. Everyone was very happy for me because it was my first leading role in a film. So that was pretty exceptional. And then working on Babylon 5, to be on a series for that long and have such incredible writing and an incredible concept. Everybody involved was just fantastic, the actors and the crew it was so fantastic. So those were definite highlights, even though you know those are also fan favourites (laughs). I also had a good time working on all the Star Treks, I was part of the so called stunt team, and part of the stunt regulars on those shows. Dennis Madalone was the stunt co-coordinator and he’d bring us in whenever it was appropriate and that was a lot of fun, we did a lot of work together. Not quite as awesome as Babylon 5 but nothing can quite top that (laughs).

MP: I think Babylon 5 came out at the right time for sci-fi, with Star Trek kind of being the frontier series for the genre. Babylon 5 I think helped shape the standard of things to come.

PT: Yes. I think you are spot on with that, you’re right. It was one of those times where I read the script, loved it and then I didn’t think I’d get it. I thought they’d go with some big star or something (laughs). You know I also did enjoy working on Jurassic Park too, we didn’t really know what we were working on. We hadn’t seen the effects, the effects hadn’t really existed yet, so we had no idea (laughs). So when we saw the final product, we all sat in the audience and it was just like ‘Wow’.

MP: Yes for me seeing that film at the cinema was one of the best moments, I sat there wide eyed.

PT: Yes I know, it’s like the first time you saw Star Wars. I am sure you remember the first time you saw that.

MP: Yes of course!

PT: See I’m old enough that I saw Star Wars, the first Star Wars in the movie theaters. I stood in line with my little brother, he and his friends wanted to see it too so I drove. And I stood in line with him for 45 minutes, which at the time was just unheard of. You know like standing in line for a movie at that time, like any length of time no body did that. The fact that we did that was like beyond geeky. But I remember sitting in the audience, which was packed, and they had this new thing called surround sound. It was a new thing then and we were like whatever (laughs). Then the music started and it was all around us, and no body has experienced this before, and then the ship goes over head and it was like the coolest thing ever.

MP: Yes, Jurassic Park was really like the Star Wars of that time, there is no comparison.

PT: Yeah and there are some films you just have to see in the theater. Like Avatar, that’s the first thing I can think of more recently over the past 10 or so years that was as astonishing as that first moment with Star Wars. And (laughs) I wasn’t in Avatar, but going back yes Jurassic Park would probably have been the most astonishing thing I have seen that I was apart of.

MP: How about Army of Darkness, what was that experience like?

PT: Army of Darkness was fun, it was also really hard, it was really hard work. It had very little money, it was not a big budget production. The make-up affects were really extensive, I had to wear very uncomfortable make-up for long periods of time. But it was fun seeing it, that was one of those films where you see it and go ‘Ahh okay, I get it’ (laughs).

MP: It is such a fun film to watch and every time I watch it in the back of my mind I am thinking about how much work went into it all.

PT: Yeah it really was, and you know watching Bruce Campbell is so much fun, he’s so great. It’s good to see him do his thing, he’s so talented.

MP: I doubt there would have been an Evil Dead series without him.

PT: Exactly, you know it was created around Bruce, you know Sam and he are really good friends. Sam knew exactly what he was doing with Bruce and the films, he knew how to create this around Bruce.

MP: Did you have any other projects you were able to tell us about?

PT: Oh yes, I am working on a project with Joe Straczynski who created Babylon 5, and I am very excited about that, it is going to be amazing. I can’t talk about what it is just yet but as soon as I can I’ll be telling everyone about it.

MP: Thank you so much Patricia it was a pleasure to chat to you.

PT: Thank you it was a pleasure, and you can all find me on Facebook and Twitter, I’d love to hear from you.

Many thanks to Patricia for the interview, she entertained us all with her fantastic artistic skills during the weekend. She started an art project with David Anders’ guest poster, and by the end of the Expo it was an amazing piece of original art. You can check out the photos of it below.

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  1. Patricia Tallman was the best part of Tom Savini’s NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD remake.

    Marcella Papandrea Reply:

    She’s a very awesome person :) loved meeting her and chatting through-out the Con.

  2. Great interviews.

    David Anders seems very nice, but still reminds me of one of many things that went terribly wrong with NBC’s Heroes.

    V ended last night with everything in turmoil, hope ABC brings it back for a third season.

    Marcella Papandrea Reply:

    I still have to catch up on V.

    The problem with Heroes was they kept introducing too many new characters and then they didn’t know what to do with them.

    horrorchic Reply:

    So true.

  3. Laura Vandervoort Supergirl, SMALLVILLE the best ever! So excited for this its going to be great and fantastic

  4. Wonderful interview with David Anders, I adore him. There’s just one little detail, his character on ALIAS was SARK not STARK, Julian Sark. He’s my favorite character of David’s too, except Uncle/Daddy John Gilbert. Otherwise, great interviews and pictures!