The Dr is in!

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The 90’s were so fucking weird for mainstream horror. Shit like Sleepwalkers, Child’s Play part whatever and Freddy’s...

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I still feel kinda dirty…

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My guess is as good as yours, and it’s not because I am drunk right now, but really, why do they not make movies like Bikini Carwash...

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57 channels and nothing good on.

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Not much makes me mad’that said’you know what DOES make me mad? When I am in a store and I see tens of thousands of shitty...

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A prequel to species…?

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Before Writer/Director Fred Olen Ray gave up on making ‘serious’ sci-fi/horror films and focused on features such as...

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Fish sticks for dinner again? Damn.

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Salmon monsters’Yes’Salmon monsters’1980 was a great year’just ask anyone who remembers the cover art for...

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