Will the original cast return for another serving of American Pie?

The last time we saw the entire cast of American Pie together it was nine years ago in American Pie 2. But starting with American Wedding, many of the characters began to disappear, and we began to get to all-new characters in those DTV sequels. Now, we may finally get to see everyone return for American Pie 4.

Screen Rant spoke with producer Craig Perry, and revealed that may key characters could possibly be returning. “If we get a script that everyone is exited about, then it is going to be all about the schedule,” he said. That doesn’t mean everyone is locked to return, and there’s still many obstacles that need to be worked out first. “Alyson (Hannigan) has got the show (How I Met Your Mother), and the baby. So there are a lot of people with a lot of things to do,” he said. However, Perry is confident that he can get all of the original cast members back again. “I think that’s a very effective way of backing into this is having people wonder ‘what did happen to those guys, what did happen to those girls?”, “ he said.

Meanwhile, Perry spoke with ComingSoon on what direction the film will go, and eases the mind of the fans that it won’t be a reboot or a remake. “Like anything, if they’re going to go back to it, they want to get it right,” he said. Also, Perry mentioned this sequel will be target at the fans of the original American Pie, but also try to get new ones. “I think everybody here grew up with those movies in their own special way, so why not see if we can tap into that? I think if the humor is such–which all of them can be consistent–the younger audience will at least understand that or understand why it’s funny and go for it,” he said. Jon Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg (Harold and Kumar go to White Castle) are attached to direct, and hoping to release the film in 2012.

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  1. I liked the 1st movie, AP 2 and Americian Wedding were mediocre at best. From what I’ve heard the DTV sequels were garbage.

    Matt Keith Reply:

    Yeah, 1st was a classic. The second was pretty good, but I didn’t like ‘American Wedding’ that much. I watched one of the DTV sequels, and yeah, it was crap.

  2. Alyson Hanningan is doing pretty well on the CBS sitcom. Think Jason Biggs has been doing both films and stage work. Haven’t seen the Stifler dude in anything lately.

    But several of the original cast could probably use the work and $$$$$

    And a few are quite scary now, have you see Tara Reid, Natasha Lyonnne and Chris Klien lately?


    Brad Reiter Reply:

    Sean William Scott (Stifler) is a pretty big star in comedies. He was in ROLE MODELS (which is one of my favorite comedies of the past few years, and was seen (or not seen) recently in the horrible COP OUT. Hes worked pretty steadily since working on AMERICAN PIE, and I’d say he’s the biggest star out of the main cast.

    Horrorchic Reply:

    Role Models was that comedy with Billy Bob Thorton right?

    I liked Scott in “The Rundown” and his dance off with the guy in the club was the best part of American Wedding.

    Matt B. Keith Reply:

    You’re thinking of Mr. Woodcock (hilarious BTW). Role Models is with Paul Rudd and McLovin.

  3. Okay, thanks for clearing that up Matt B.


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