Wicked Stepmother is now available on DVD

You heard me right. The wave of the DVD future just might be studios opening up their library vaults and selling titles directly online. Such is the case in the much sought after movie from Larry Cohen (It’s Alive, Q) - Wicked Stepmother. This looks to be an Amazon exclusive so buy it while you can.

“Wicked Stepmother is a 1989 American comedy film written, produced, and directed by Larry Cohen. It is best known for being the last film of Bette Davis who withdrew from the project after filming began, citing major problems with the script and the way she was being photographed. Cohen later claimed she really dropped out due to ill health but avoided publicizing the truth for fear it would affect potential future employment. The actress died a few months after the film was released.”

“The original plot cast Davis as the title character, a chainsmoking witch named Miranda, who has married Sam while his vegetarian daughter Jenny and son-in-law Steve are on vacation. They return to find their new stepmother has filled their refrigerator with meat and played havoc with their collection of herbs. To explain Davis’ absence, the script was rewritten to introduce Miranda’s daughter Priscilla, who takes on a human form while her mother’s spirit inhabits the body of a cat. Priscilla then sets out to get Jenny who has figured out that there is something going on. She accuses her of messing up the kitchen, while Jenny’s on a bike ride. Priscilla ends up sleeping with Jenny’s husband. The entire time, she refuses to switch bodies with Miranda. Jenny then figures out that they’re witches and tries to stop them from ruining her family.”


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