Tom Welling on Superman rumors

DC Entertainment left fans in the dark about the progress on The Man of Steel at this year’s Comic-Con, but did confirm that Tom Welling would don the suit for the final season of Smallville. Of course, this leads to Internet rumors about Welling starring in the upcoming reboot. The Flickcast (via MTV Splash Page) spoke to the actor about the possibility of starring in the film.

Welling is open to the idea of starring in The Man of Steel, but “it’s not as simple as everyone would like to think.” Welling knows that many want him to return in the film, but “there’s a lot of elements that have to come together.” Welling is only of a few names that have been rumored to be favored for the role. These include Zachary Levi, Brandon Routh, and Jon Hamm.

A director has yet to be officially announced, and would be an important factor in deciding who gets the role. Jonathan Nolan is speculated to be the front-runner to helm the project. Christopher Nolan will be producing the film, along with his wife Emma Thomas. The story is being written by David Goyer, with Chris and Jonathan Nolan.

The Man of Steel is scheduled to open in December of 2012.

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  1. He has about much of a chance at being Superman as Orson Welles’ corpse. He won’t be in the Man of Steel.

    Matt Keith Reply:

    Me neither. I think it would confuse the general audience, thinking it would be a spin-off of ‘Smallville’.

    horrorchic Reply:

    Welling is good on Smallville, but the TRUE TALENT that carried that show was Rossenbaum as Lex Luthor.

    One he, the original showrunners jumped ship the series went into the toilet. Sorry die hard fans, Welling won’t be the M0S in Snyder’s reboot

    chris Reply:

    Not so fast . It will be Tom like it or not and most 80% favored the actor (Tom) as The Man Of Steel. It will be confimed by end of April 2011.

    horrorchic Reply:

    Not about me liking or hating, don’t believe Welling will get the role.


    chris Reply:

    April 2011, it will be confirmed

    Horrorchic Reply:

    Ummmmmmmmmmm yeah, if you say so.

  2. According to many Welling is the front runner if Jonathan Nolan gets the director job. After I read this there is nobody better

    Maggie Reply:

    I just read all this guy had to say about Smallville and Superman. I have to totally agree with everything he said. I’ve watched Smallville from the very beginning and I think only a true and dedicated fan would appreciate this guys reasoning. Loved it and thanks for sharing!

  3. There is absolutely nothing wrong with making the movie as a reboot and an extension of Smallville. Tom Welling has charisma and presence and he’s the right age to transition into the role. There’s no one out there better for the role.

  4. I know right now he’s kept the fan in the dark for the movie but perhaps it’s too soon to answer right now.
    But come on!!!! He deserves the part and after 10 years for him building his character and gaining the most experience for the role, it would do absolute JUSTICE that he would get the shot.
    He has earned it and he deserves it.

  5. Tom Welling is the only person who should play this role. He has made the entire story of Clark Kent/Superman his own. He IS Superman. No other Actor would compare. Movies bomb, and fans dedication wavers when you put no-name Actors in roles that require huge responsibility. Not only does this role have an enormous amount of history to live up to(Christopher Reeve), but it must be played by someone worthy of the title; someone who understands Superman. Brandon Roth didn’t deserve it and that’s why the movie wasn’t as big of a success as they hoped for, not even Kevin Spacey could save the film. No matter how many great actors you have supporting, if the Main Character lacks depth and talent, the movie will be nothing more than a dvd you see roting in the 5 dollar bin at Walmart. Tom has been this character for 10 years, he has worked for this, he beleives in the fans, and he believes in the character. This is his role.

    chris Reply:

    YES and it will happen

    Careena Reply:

    Agreed, I’ve only just started watching Season 9 of Smallville and have to say I’m convinced on Tom Welling as Superman. Agreed his acting in the serious moments will need a tiny bit of good directing, but he’s definately the perfect man for the role. He would put his whole heart into it, and he has mastered the incredibly difficult task of acting what is essentially two roles at once; Clark/Superman. Hope all the required elements come together for him to make it happen in the film. It will be difficult to accept another new face as Superman, you need someone with the history Tom Welling has. He’s earned his reluctant claim to Superman.

  6. Tom is Superman, period!


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