The Evil Dead returns to Theaters!

evildead113009That’s what I am talking about! Instead of remaking movies, why not just re-release the original in theaters and give a new generation a horror fans a taste of the good life? The guys at Grindhouse Releasing get it, and are releasing Sam Raimi’s classic in cinemas across the nation. Here are the dates and cities for its Midnight Theatrical run for 2010.

January 8-9:
Uptown Theatre, Minneapolis

January 15-16:
Esquire Theatre, Denver

January 29-30:
Sunshine Cinema, New York

February 5-6:
Egyptian Theatre, Seattle

February 19-20:
River Oaks Theatre, Houston

February 26-27:
Inwood, Dallas

March 5: Nuart Theatre,
Los Angeles

May 22
Hudson Horrorshow
Poughkipsie, NY

More cities will be announced as they are confirmed.

Source: Bloody Disgusting

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  1. Nothing in Canada, eh? Too bad. I saw the theatrical version, which was pretty fantastic, so I suppose that’ll have to suffice.

  2. How can I insure that it will show somewhere close to Tennessee? I enjoy pulling strings…