The Ark confirmed for Transformers 3

We finally got out first look at Michael Bay’s Transformers: Dark of the Moon after the release of the trailer last week (here). It explains the films’ subtitle, but it also raised more questions about the film. The first of which was the identity of the new Transformer, and the crashed ship it resides in?

Michael Bay’s forum administrator, Nelson dropped in to answer some questions about the trailer, and seemed to let the identity of that ship slip. “Wrong. He said initially he didn’t have anything to do with it and then later became totally involved. Who do you think shot those NASA, astronauts walking on the moon, and Ark scenes?” he said. Of course, many probably guessed that Bay didn’t direct those scenes due to the lack of explosions, but it does let us know Bay is listening to the fans. It would seem obvious that The Ark will be featured as the Decepticon flagship, The Nemesis, which was briefly seen in the previous film. It also gives us a clue to the identity of the new Transformer.

Many have speculated that it’s possibly Unicron, but that character is neither Autobot or Decepticon. There’s also the fact the character is too small to be Unicron. In all the Transformers media, Unicron has been shown as a monstrous Transformer that was able to eat entire planets. Most fans are under the impression that it’s Alpha Trion, a character that’s been taken prisoner by the film’s villain Shockwave.We should know more when Bay reveals all the new robots for the movie.

Transformers: Dark of the Moon opens on July 1, 2011.

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