Superman jingles into a December 2012 release

Those of you who absolutely adore the DC Comics universe certainly have a Christmas present showing up way early this year as Warner Bros and Legendary Pictures announce to IESB that the latest Superman movie will be released in December of 2012. Not only is this announcement out there for everyone to groan/celebrate about, there’s also rumors circulating that the Justice League movie is hot on the Superman film’s tail.

This is the part where you must be wondering what’s the rush? Warner Bros tried for the past couple of years putting together some form of another Superman movie after the critically panned Bryan Singer film Superman Returns. Christopher Nolan is producing the picture and David Goyer is writing the script, but one of the real motives for the studio to completely capitalize on making another Supes film is the fear of loosing the rights in 2013 if they fail to make another one.

Since there’s no real word on what the story line will be for this upcoming DC Enterprises film, what do you think they should make it about?

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