Stone takes on some Savages

Oliver Stone is setting his sights on crime once again as he takes on the novel adaptation of Savages, working on the feature as producer, reports Deadline Hollywood. Written by Don Winslow, the story is about young, independent Laguna Beach-based marijuana kingpins are blackmailed into working for the Baja Cartel after one of their threesome is kidnapped.

Stone is striking on the big screen once again with grabbing a topic that’s very hot at the moment. The Mexican drug cartel has been one of the near permanent parts of the news for those cities in the States that straddle the Mexico border, having to deal with random shootings or kidnappings that tend to result in the death of persons from either side in an apparent territory war that has no end in sight at the moment.

Don Winslow and Stone will work together with making a big screen adaptation of the novel, but no word yet of who could possibly hover around this picture to act as director. Stone is in the middle of post-production on Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps which is poised to be released on April 23rd of this year.

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