Spider-Man 3D begins hiring for The Daily Bugle

Sony will be rebooting the Spider-Man franchise with an all-new cast, and unfortunately, that means JK Simmons won’t be returning as J. Jonah Jameson. We already have Andrew Garfield as our new Spider-Man (here), Emma Stone as Spidey’s girl (here), and Rhys Ifans as the film’s villain (here). The only thing we need now is for the other character to torture Spider-Man, J. Jonah Jameson.

What’s Playing reports that Francine Mailer is assisting director Marc Webb in searching for the remaining actors needed to round out the cast. One of those roles is that of the editor of The Daily Bugle himself, Jameson. The actors mentioned so far include John Slattery, who portrayed Howard Stark in Iron Man 2 and stars in Mad Men. The article also mentions that Sam Elliot (Ghost Rider, Hulk) is also under consideration, but that may not have moved past looking into his availability.

It’s unknown what other actors are being looked at, but there’s reportedly numerous actors being considered. However, this role isn’t as big as that of Peter Parker/Spider-Man, so we shouldn’t be in for another drawn-out search.

The big question is, can Sony find someone who can top Simmons’ performance. While many were divided about Raimi’s Spider-man Trilogy, Simmons’ performance as Jameson was considered a perfect casting. A big name wouldn’t necessarily be needed, and going with an unknown may be the best route to take. Production is scheduled to begin in December, so expect this role to be cast soon.

Marc Webb’s tentatively titled Spider-Man 3D is set to open in July of 2012.

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