James Bond may return in 2012

After years of financial problems, MGM seems to have finally been saved after submitting the reorganization plan offered by Spyglass Entertainment. Now, the projects that have long been delayed by the studio can move forward. The Hobbit has already been officially green-lit (here), and is moving forward with Peter Jackson taking over as director. But what of Bond 23?

In an article at Bloomberg, MGM is looking to release a new James Bond a second year starting in November of 2012 with Bond 23, and avoid the summer movie season. The studio currently owns half the rights of Bond 23, and an “equal partner” will pay for production. However, starting with Bond 24, MGM will be completely own and fund the Bond films. Distribution rights to the franchise are being left open, and could see a bidding war between major studios.

Nothing is set in stone just yet, and is only a tentative release for right now.

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