Gamera 3D in the works

Looks like Godzilla isn’t the only giant Japanese monster getting a new film, as Twitch is reporting that Gamera, the flying giant turtle made as a rival from Daiei Studios to Toho in the 1960s, is getting a new film. Advanced Audiovisual Productions is looking to create a short film in 3D for – get this – IMAX screens just in time for an April 2012 date to coincide with Legendary Pictures’ reboot for an American Godzilla.

Gamera 3D is scheduled to be in 70mm and run 40 minutes for Kadokawa Pictures. Gamera has been getting its films in some great new reissues from Shout! Factory and has a kaiju fan, this is really, really awesome. Oh, and the production company, Advanced Audiovisual Productions, is owned by Godzilla vs. The Smog Monster’sdirector, Yoshimitsu Banno!

Better yet, is Gamera will be fighting an all-new monster called Namagon!!

 Can’t wait and we hope to hear more soon.

Source: AAP Inc

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  1. I hope this sells, and we can get more Gamera. The last film was underrated IMO, and it sucked that it tanked. Although, I guess returning to the kid friendly Gamera wasn’t really a good idea after the previous trilogy.

    Jon Reply:

    A 3D 40-minute short on the IMAX sounds like the best idea ever for a new Gamera. I’m not a fan of anything past the Showa series for both Godzilla or Gamera, but I’m interesting in the new ones that Mills Creek put out on Blu.

  2. Having really enjoyed the release of Gamera The Brave and appreciated the high quality of the FX and superb suitmation this is great news. But why 40 minutes?

    Jon Reply:

    Maybe because IMAX is expensive. Limited appeal? Either way, I’m down!

    Matt Keith Reply:

    I think what they’re doing is trying to build interest. GAMERA: THE BRAVE was a flop at BO, and the studio is probably seeing if people are still interested in GAMERA. Although, the fact that it’s in 3D could be a factor. Making the film shorter would allow them to save more money.

    Either way I’m in. It’s been too long since Gamera has had a new film.