French director Jean Rollin passes at the age of 72

Love or hate his work, there was no denying that Jean Rollin pushed the boundaries of cinema like so few have before. He will be missed.


“Rollin achieved success early on with his visionary knack for cinematic atmosphere; something which leant his horror films a palpable art house quality which is retained to this very day.

The director’s unerring dedication to style was evident on this films, and most of Rollin’s 70s work-including Lips of Blood, Requiem For a Vampire The Living Dead Girl and The Grapes of Death-showcased this ability in spades. 1978’s The Grapes of Death (a.k.a. Les Raisins de la Morte) in particular showcased Rollin’s ability to tell a solid story-complete with engaging dialogue, believable performances and evocative settings-while also possessing enough grimly morbid theatrics, make up and effects to suit any horror fans’ bloodlust.”

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