Disney looking to get all of Marvel’s properties

It goes without saying that Marvel is dominating the comic book movie genre, with planned releases over the years. However, Marvel’s properties are scattered throughout various studios, and is preventing those character from entering Marvel’s movie universe. With Disney now set to distribute both The Avengers and Iron Man 3, they’re looking to get all of Marvel’s superheroes under one roof.

Insiders told IESB that Disney is looking to get the rights back from Twentieth Century Fox and Sony Pictures to Marvel’s characters. Fox currently owns the rights to Daredevil and all the characters, X-Men, Fantastic Four and Silver Surfur. All these characters are looking to get a film adaptation soon, with X-Men: First Class arriving next summer and many more spin-offs planned. On the other hand, Sony only has the rights to the Spider-Man franchise, which has proven to be a very successful franchise. The studio will be rebooting the series with Marc Webb’s tentatively titled Spider-Man 3D in 2012.

While this may sound good to fans who have been upset with recent adaptations of X-men and Fantastic Four, you shouldn’t get your hopes up. Disney has been trying to find a loophole in the contracts for the X-Men franchise, but haven’t had any luck. As long as Fox and Sony continue to make film adaptations for their properties, then the rights will stay at that studio. Disney’s only hope is for Fox or Sony to hand over the rights to Disney, but given the massive amount of money the X-Men and Spider-Man films have made, it won’t seem likely. Even if there was a time when Fox or Sony would lose the rights, they could simply put out a low-budget DTV film, and keep the rights. Remember, one of the reasons Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance was green-lit was so that Sony would keep the rights.

With all the money Disney has and will be making with its upcoming films, they’re sure to continue and find a breach in the contracts. While Disney could just offer each studio money to buy their properties, it won’t seem likely either. The studios know they have a good thing with their characters, and no amount of money could replace what those films will make.

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  1. I wish I could see spider-man, wolverine and ghost rider in the avengers or any other film of marvel cinematic universe. The real marvel universe is being screwed up…