Another film may delay Avatar sequels

James Cameron has been speaking out on the upcoming and re-release of Avatar in theaters this Friday, as well as the sequels he has planned. He’s said that he may be shooting each back-to-back, and he’s stated he wants to shoot the films underwater. However, Cameron may wait and shoot the sequels after he’s done with another film.

According to Blastr, Cameron has stated that we shouldn’t expect a sequel to Avatar for a few years. “I think three years would be the minimum, probably more like four from where we’re sitting right now,” Cameron said. Given the amount of time it took to make the first film, a few years should be expected. However, the director also mentioned there’s another film he wants to make, and could go into that before Avatar 2. “There’s a possibility I might make another film on a different subject in the meantime, because that’s a big commitment of time for me. … I haven’t said anything about this publicly yet,” he said.

Of course, Cameron didn’t mention what this mysterious film would be, but it’s something he’s been working on over the years. “It’s a film that I’ve been working on kind of on and off over the years, just the writing,” he said. The only detail Cameron would offer would be that “the other idea that I have is more of a live-action film,” Cameron said. One film that fans have been waiting on for years is the planned live-action adaptation of Battle Angel Alita, which Cameron recently said is still in the works (here). However, that’s only speculation.

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