Transformers returns in 2014


Ever since 2007, Paramount has been dishing out Transformers films ever other year. However, that all changed when Michael Bay wanted to take a break and make something else. Well, fear not as the Autobots and Decepticons will be continuing their civil war on the big screen “in the summer of 2014,” Producer Lorenzo Di Bonaventura told Coming Soon. But will Michael Bay direct? “Michael had a debate because he sort of felt at first that he’d done three. Michael and I are both the same in that we always like to top ourselves. That doesn’t necessarily mean bigger. It can be bigger in places, it just means different, but we’re going to push really hard as fresh and new as we can be,” he said about the issue.

So that doesn’t exactly tell us if Bay will direct or not, but we almost definitely suspect he’ll be involved in some capacity. The other question many are wondering is if the story will pick up where  Dark of the Moon left out, or will they reboot the franchise. Well, Bonaventura mentions that we can likely expect it to be a semi-reboot. “Again, we’re going to try to do a hybrid there where there will be some characters that come forward–we think, we’re still in the process of figuring it out–and some characters that don’t, but it will definitely be a different story,” he said. Does that mean no Megatron? Or perhaps it’s time for him to finally become Galvatron as he did in the original show.

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