The real reason Aronofsky left The Wolverine?

It was reported just a few hours ago that Darren Aronofsky has decided to drop-out of directing The Wolverine for Twentieth Century Fox (here) because production would have kept him from his family. However, fans immediately called BS on that reasoning, and it seems there could be more to it than just that. Cinema Blend got in touch with an inside source at Fox, and they claim the reason Aronofsky left the project was because the studio would not give him creative control over the film. Aronofsky was brought on after Black Swan earned a “Best Picture” nomination at the Oscars, but the studio tried to buy him out. Aronofsky refused, and the Producers “pretty much told him to walk,” according to the source.

Whatever the reason is, the studio now has to find a new director for The Wolverine.

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One Comment

  1. :I’m Picard facepalming as i type:

    Aronofsky’s body of work speaks for itself, wtf is Fox thinking?

    He’s one of the few directors that’s worth granting that request to.


    Full of FAIL…Full of FAIL…

    Yes Fox Studios you are FULL OF FAIL on this one.