SDCC ’11: Mortal Kombat: Legacy finale airing and new image

The final episode of Mortal Kombat: Legacy wasn’t aired a month back, in anticipation for SDCC 2011. Now, Machinima (via Coming Soon) has announced the final episode, which will feature Sektor and Cyrax, will air Sunday July 24th.

That looks like Sektor in the image, but it wasn’t stated as which robot ninja that was. This last episode concludes the Mortal Kombat webseries. Fans are hoping with the show’s presence at the Con, that a feature film or Season 2 will be announced. More soon.

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  1. I had forgotten the last episode didn’t air. In my opinion, it was stupid to do that. Instead of airing it, then waiting a month for the last episode so people forget, it should have started at Comic-Con. Plus the series was ok at best. I was expecting fights or a tournament, but all we got was an intro to the characters.