UPDATE: Mortal Kombat returns to the big screen!

Finally! After 10 rather underwhelming episodes of Mortal Kombat Legacy, Warner Bros. has announced (via Shock Til You Drop) the coming of a new Mortal Kombat film. And yes, Kevin Tancharoen will be directing the film, and Oren Uzie (who wrote Mortal Kombat Rebirth) will be scripting the film. However, it’s unknown if the film will continue after the last episode of Legacy, or if it will be something completely new. But one thing you can be assured of, the film will keep the same tone as the series.

Update: In an interview with Coming Soon, Kevin Tancharoen revealed the film will be a complete reboot and won’t continue the web-series. “No, this is a new take and it’s not going to continue directly off of the web series. There will be elements that are familiar to the people that have watched it, but it is its own movie. I wanted to make sure that, regardless of anything else, that it’s a good movie. It doesn’t have to be something that you will have had to have seen all ten episodes previously to understand or have played the videogame to understand. It’ll live on its own and be its own film and will hopefully be something that can continue on. It’s such a big story that you could have two or three movies, but I want to make sure that the first one is good on its own.”

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