(Update) First look at X-men: First Class cast

Fans are still waiting to see the first trailer for Matthew Vaughn’s X-men: First Class, but The Daily Blam gives us our first look at the entire cast in costume.

Looks good. The first thing many fans will see is the classic costumes from the comics will be used in the movie as rumored, unlike Singer has done with his films. Also, you can see January Jones will be more revealing as Emma Frost, and you can even see Nick Hoult as Beast in the background. Now, how about that trailer?

X-men: First Class opens on June 3, 2011.

*UPDATE* Here are cleaner images of the cast in costume.

Click for larger image.

Click for larger image.

Click for larger image.

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  1. Everyone is talking about THOR, CAPTAIN AMERICA, and GREEN LANTERN….I think this will suprise people and be the best of the bunch.

    Matt Keith Reply:

    The cast certainly looks good. My prediction is the film will be a good movie overall, but not a good comic book movie. Kind of like the first two movies (which were GREAT). I’m still on the fence about this movie b/c of the way too obvious continuity errors. Like Beast doesn’t turn blue ’til X3. And Emma Frost was portrayed as younger in XO W (which takes place in the 70s), but is now older in this film (which takes place in the 60s).

    Jemaniac Reply:

    Beast turned blue in X3? He wasn’t even in the other films and was blue for the entirety of 3. Thus, he could have been blue for X-men and X2.

    Matt Keith Reply:

    He made a cameo appearance in X2 in human form, and was featured in X3 post-mutation.

  2. Waiting to see a trailer.

  3. Bring on the trailer!