Exclusive: Rod Steele 0014 & Naked Agent 0069

We told you recently (here) about the first film to be released in the Emmanuelle Through Time series, and now director Rolfe Kanefsky informs us that the next flick is ready to go.

Cinemax will premiere Rod Steele 0014 & Naked Agent 0069 at 12:50 AM early morning on November 5th, but for those who have the east coast feed, it starts at 9:50 PM on Friday, November 4th. It begins its On-Demand run at midnight on November 3rd and plays throughout the month.

Rod Steele 0014 & Naked Agent 0069 is a James Bond parody and sequel to Rolfe’s 1996 flick Rod Steele 0014: You Only Live Until You Die.

Source: Killer Film

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  1. Who is the Blonde Guy in the trailer scene?

  2. What is the name of the actress that plays “falls”

  3. Hey When will a New One come on and I can’t wait Till Wonderland

    Jason Bené Reply:

    No new news yet. But as soon as we receive an update, we’ll let you know.