Exclusive: New image and two-minute clip from Emmanuelle Through Time

Killer Film told you here about Rolfe Kanefsky’s exciting new late night film series, Emmanuelle Through Time, and we now have an Exclusive look at a two-minute clip from Emmanuelle’s Sexy Bite, which is not only playing throughout October and November but plays at 11:30 PM on October 31st. It’s Cinemax’s midnight Halloween movie!

Also, we have a new image of Brittany Joy, better known as porn star Allie Haze, as the new Emmanuelle.

Sexy Bite takes on the Vampire genre of late that is more romantic than scary, and does it with a lot of sex and fun. The 2nd of 7 in a series of films “Emmanuelle Through Time”, Emmanuelle and her team travel in her ‘love inspiring, solar powered blimp through the multi-verse and happen upon a world where Vampires are real.


Source: Killer Film

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