Dwayne Johnson thinks Bay is locked for Transformers 4

Given how much Transformers: Dark of the Moon made at the box-office and how fast Paramount obviously wants to push out another sequel, it’s amazing that it’s been taking soo long to get things moving. The studio is trying to get Director Michael Bay to return, but he seems conflicted about the issue despite his previous comments about being done. He wants to direct a smaller film called Pain and Gain with Dwayne Johnson attached to star. And according to Johnson, Bay is set to return to Transformers afterwards.

“It’s an awesome project called Pain and Gain. It’s been with Michael Bay for some time now. …The goal will be to shoot it this year. Sure. Because, I know, he has Transformers to make. Obviously. That juggernaut. I can’t wait for that. Plus I got Fast Six business,” he said. Of course, this doesn’t say anything at all really. Johnson could be working under the assumption that Bay will return. However, we have yet to hear anything official. Also, Johnson’s comments could be misleading in the fact that Bay will return to produce the film, and not direct.

Source: MTV

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