Dr. Strange script complete; Marvel searching for director

Marvel has already had success in bringing some of their more well-known superheroes to the big screen, and it’s now time to get started on the lesser characters. The first up will be Doctor Strange that could be coming out way very soon. A source has told FanShare that Thomas Donnelly and Joshua Oppenheimer have completed their script, and Marvel is now out looking for directors. However, there’s no word on who the studio is looking at. But given that Dr. Strange isn’t as well-known as the likes of Captain America or Iron Man, the budget for this film won’t be as big as it was for the other films. But we already know how notorious Marvel is for being cheap.

What’s more is their source claims that production could begin this year for a release sometime nex year, but that probably won’t happen. The studio already has Thor 2 and Iron Man 3 set for 2013, and two mysterious projects set for 2014. You can likely expect Dr. Strange to come around the latter year.

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