Abduction 2 in the works already

Director John Singleton told the L.A. Times that he’s agreed to direct Abduction 2, the sequel to the Taylor Lautner-starring vehicle which comes out September 23rd, and that Lautner is coming back too.

Definitely,” he said for the sequel. “We’ve been talking about it while we’re making the movie. Of course, I’m gonna direct it.”

What if it flops? What if Lautner’s fans don’t want to see the teen heart-throb in anything but Twilight? “I don’t think we have to worry about that,” he said. “[The sequel is] happening.”



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Jon Peters

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  1. If this falls flat like a pancake opening weekend, there won’t be a sequel Mr. Singleton.

    Brad Reiter Reply:

    Exactly. Nice way to jump to conclusion. I remember a time when sequels weren’t greenlit until AFTER a movie came out.

    Horrorchic Reply:

    Yeah I remember those good old days too.