Still Hungry? Have Seconds…and Thirds…

While talking to Fangoria about the script for “Saw IV,” screenwriter Marcus Dunstan along with co-writer Patrick Melton discussed their back-to-back sequels for “Feast,” the Project Greenlight helmed film that got both writers and director John Gulager on the map. With Gulager returning to the director’s chair, the two elaborated on their hopes for the film’s content and rating:

“Neo Art & Logic is producing again, and if they let us get away with the vulgarities we’ve currently scripted, and if we don’t get deported, we just may have the NC-17-rated monsterfest that was only hinted at in the first film.”

So, keep your fingers crossed. This could be the best NC-17 film since “Showgirls”! Oh, come on. Who DOESN’T love Kyle MacLachlan??

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